What Is The Next Biggest Cryptocurrency?

What Is The Next Biggest Cryptocurrency?

Whenever there are discussions on cryptocurrency, bitcoin is mentioned by default. Well, that’s predictable because bitcoin started it all. However, it’s not just about bitcoin anymore, experts believe so.

Bitcoin transactions used to be solely for underground financial transactions but now entrepreneurs caught up with the cryptocurrency craze and are now part of emerging blockchains. They have also created their own technology and coins. Now, bitcoins and ethereum are backed by the giant companies in the world such as Samsung, Microsoft, and JP Morgan Chase.

Apparently, bitcoin just happened to be the beginning of what’s yet to come. Bitcoin and ethereum are leading the pack but there is a dark horse beneath that is gaining momentum and breaking barriers with each gallop.

Is Ripple the Next Biggest Cryptocurrency?

Ripple is said to be a game changer in all aspects. Many people are looking at Ripple to be a strong contender which means it could be pitted against the two giants – Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is designed to allow speedy transactions to happen in a matter of seconds. Yes, Ripple is said to dramatically change how financial transactions are made all over the world.

Silent water truly runs deep. Ripple manifests that power – subtle yet powerful in the sense that it is the 4th strongest cryptocurrency which has been gaining a strong following plus a jump in price for many years now.

While bitcoin and ether have been dominating the realm of cryptocurrency for many years with owning up more than half or 70% of the total crypto market this 2017, Ripple is said to be one of the big risers.

The only problem with these two cryptocurrency giants is that they have reached their ceiling or term, so there are fewer cryptocurrencies to be discovered. This provides a gateway for other new coins like Dash and Ripple to sprint right in front and perhaps take the lead. Ripple is said to be the next big thing that is coming into the cryptrocurrency ecosystem – and it’s going to be huge as anticipated.

Ripple Goes Head to Head with Bitcoin and Ethereum

This is the scenario that is bound to happen in the future – Once bitcoin gains worldwide value similar to that of fiat money or like gold and silver, there would be more room for blockchain-based coins to penetrate the cryptocurrency market. This is where Ripple comes in with its own niche to bank on.

Here’s the catch – Ripple can be successful even without the support of bitcoin and ether. In fact, this can succeed even without the interference of mining technology. Even though Ripple is only 10% of bitcoin’s current market cap, this could potentially be the first cryptocoin that will be used by big businesses with the fact that Ripple seeks to disrupt traditional financial services like settlements and doing money transfers. Ripple’s transaction is said to be faster than the current route because it allows banks to directly interact with each other without middlemen.

Ripple has all the features that make it the next biggest cryptocurrency that investors should watch out for as early as now. For one, it’s cost-effective because it does not need the services of varied currency traders. XRP can fund payments on the spot without any middlemen and could even cost up to 60% less that doing it the regular route.

XRP is scalable, secure, and fast. This digital asset can process around 1,500 transactions per second with its community of validators and expert engineers that maintain the ledgers. Ripple is growing in following or customers base and has also introduced a new product lineup – xRapid, xCurrent, and xVia – to conform to the demands of its tech-driven consumers.



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